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Behavior Plan


P.B.I.S.: Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

Abby Reinke is a PBIS school. Our Superheroes learn specific school wide behavior standards. Throughout the year, we will be focusing specifically on following instructions, staying on task, accepting no for an answer, and disagreeing appropriately. Please see the attached handouts on the steps ARES Superheroes are learning and using. Make sure to ask your Superhero about the steps they have learned!

Following Instructions.pdf

Staying on task.pdf

Accepting No for an Answer.pdf

Disagreeing Appropriately.pdf

Behavior Plan

Abby Reinke Elementary School

Schoolwide Behavior Management Plan


We believe that…

            Students have a right to learn.

            Teachers have a right to teach.


School Rules…

  • Is it safe?
  • Is it courteous?
  • Is it responsible?
  • Would it be fair if everyone did it?


Key Points…

  • Students generally want to behave and do the right thing.
  • Nobody makes you misbehave.
  • Students make choices, for which there are consequences (positive or


  • The rules should be fair and consistent.
  • All staff members are responsible for enforcing the rules and supporting the schoolwide behavior plan.
  • Discipline efforts should emphasize catching students “doing the right thing.”


How the Behavior Plan Works

  1. School Rules are posted throughout the school.
  2. Classroom Behavior Plan
  3. Teachers/students determine specific classroom rules which define the terms in the school rules (safe, courteous, responsible, fair). Those rules are to be posted.
  4. Each classroom has a system in place so that each student immediately knows the consequences of his/her misbehavior.  This system should include provisions for giving a warning, redirection, time away, and logical consequences directly tied to the misbehavior. Teachers may choose from a variety of systems, for example, the red/yellow/green cards; colored clip chart, behavior log, individual behavior cards on desks.  Teachers will provide the principal with a copy of their classroom plan.


  • Elements of a Classroom Plan Include:

Steps 1            Verbal Warning and Redirection:  The teacher tells the       child specifically which rule has been broken, what is wrong and what must be done to correct the misbehavior.


Step  2             Counseling/Conferring:     The teacher counsels, reasons with the child.  The child is asked to respond to “How can I solve this problem?”


Step 3              Time Away/Loss of Privileges:     Student is removed from the situation and loses appropriate privileges.

Step 4              Parent Contact: Teacher contacts the parent by telephone, note, or in

                        person. (Step 4 may be done at any time throughout the process.)


Step 5              Principal Referral: The teacher notifies the principal that a child has shown no improvement in managing behavior through the series of con-

                        sequences. The teacher has exhausted all resources for dealing with the child.


SEVERE CLAUSE: A child is referred directly to the principal due to severe misbehavior. (Fighting, biting, defiance to a staff member)


Positive Reinforcement

  • Wolf Warrants
  • Compliment Calls
  • Good News Notes Home
  • Monthly Student Awards
  • Awards Assemblies


Playground Supervision

  • Student freeze after the bell rings. Teacher blows whistle, the students walk.
  • Adequate equipment is necessary.
  • Rules and Playground Assemblies annually
  • Duty personnel need to be on time
  • No children should be on the playground at times other than designated recesses/play times.
  • Children should be spoken to with respect.
  • All duty personnel must have a clipboard and a whistle.
  • Duty personnel must be visible and moving around.



Children with Severe Emotional/Behavioral Problems

The Abby Reinke Elementary School Plan may not be effective with children with severe emotional or behavioral problems. Procedures for these children will be developed and carried out on an individual basis after consultation with the principal, parents, and/or Student Study Team.




Teachers are responsible for…

  • Following-up in the classroom and reinforcing school rules.
  • Developing a classroom behavior plan.
  • Establishing classroom rules that define the school rules.
  • Posting rules in their classrooms.
  • Posting positive and negative consequences in their classrooms.
  • Utilizing positive reinforcement on a regular basis.


The principal is responsible for …

  • Holding Rules and Playground Assemblies Annually
  • Displaying rules posters.
  • Communicating school behavior plan to parents.
  • Supporting teachers in implementing their classroom behavior plans.
  • Utilizing positive reinforcement on a regular basis.